Benefits of Using a Makeup Highlighter on Your Skin

You may or may not have ever heard of a makeup highlighter, but ladies I’m here to tell you it might be one of the best kept secrets for your face!

Using a highlighter can just brighten and give the illusion of a fresh face.

Many years ago it was something that only makeup artists used on celebrities. The results and ease of use has now made it accessible to consumers.
In this post we are going to share some tips on using a highligher like our Third Age Skin Care Shimmer Stick.

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Prep Your Skin…

The whole point of highlighting is to give your skin a healthy looking glowy.

That said, the most important step in achieving healthy, hydrated skin is with proper skin prep. But don’t worry just keep it simple: Wash your face with a good facial cleanser (watch our video on washing your face correctly)

Next apply a lightweight moisturizer.

That’s really all you need to prep your skin. Anything more is just selling you a bunch of expensive stuff you don’t need!

Apply In All The Right Places…

In this instance, less is more! You actually lose the benefits of highlighter if you use it all over, since your whole face will be illuminated and you won’t show off specific features. Not to mention too much highlighter can make you look like you’re sweating not glowing.

Here’a a few highlighter tricks:

– To make your cheekbones look higher, use it on the top just off to the side of your under-eye area.

– To make your eyes look bigger or brighter, apply it around your tear duct or dotted onto the center of your eyelids, you get a flash of brightness every time you blink.

– For an instant brow lift, dab highlighter under the arch of your eyebrows.

– For an appearance of a slimmer nose, swipe it down the center of the bridge.

– Make your lips look poutier by applying it in the bow of your lips (the v-section of your lips).

– Look well rested (even when you’re not). One of my favorite insider tips is to apply highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to help the eyes look more awake and brighter.

– Use it as an eye shadow and primer. “There has not been a highlighter I have not used as eye shadow yet,” says Rocio Matos, the director of education for Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge.

“Not only does the shimmer look great on the high points of the face, but also as shimmery nighttime eye shadow on the lid, or to highlight right under the brow bone.”

Not Just For Your Face…

YES you can use it on your body. Celebrity makeup artist Moani Lee says, “I often use highlights on the tibia or shinbone and thighbone of my female clients when they are wearing leg-exposing outfits.”

You can create a “dramatic nighttime glow” by using a highlighter stick (like the Shimmer Stick) with your fingers on the collarbones and center of the shoulder.

And There You Have It…

One product that does so much! Simple and easy to use. Do you have one in your makeup bag?

NOTE: Third Age Skin Care is dedicated to making you look your best with just a few products. Big cosmetic companies continually “invent” products that all do the same thing but want you to buy them separate.

We invite you to explore Third Age Skin Care.

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