3 EASY Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket

This is the year that I will semi-retire so cutting expenses and finding money is of the utmost importance.

I’m going to share with you a few things that I have done and ALREADY I have put $434 in my pocket!

Hopefully you can “find” some extra money as I have.

Be Well,

1. Find Money That Is Owed To You…

This is how I put $434 in my pocket so far with more on the way!

Did you know that every state government has “lost” property or unclaimed funds from all kinds of sources?

They don’t try very hard to find you but a simple search will tell you if you are owed anything and then depending on the state just a few pieces of info or paperwork and a check is on the way.

For me in Illinois it was easy. I was able to recover $434 from an old State Farm home policy I had cancelled when I moved. I merely answered a few questions and in 10 days I got a check.

Now in Arizona, a state I used to live in, there is also some money owed me. How much I’m not sure as Arizona doesn’t say. The paperwork is much more difficult and requires sending info.

I have just gotten to the printing out of everything.

There’s also money owed to my mom who passed away and I can claim that too.

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So how do you start? Best way is visiting www.missingmoney.com. They have direct links to most states and if there is no link they give you info on how to contact the state.

MissingMoney.com started in 1999 as a way to help state governments gather and track lost property such as uncashed paychecks, stocks and bonds, and safe deposit box contents.

It is the only unclaimed property site endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) .

2. Make The Switch To LED Bulbs for $140 Savings PER BULB…

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Now this was not only to save money but also to avoid having to change light bulbs constantly. This is especially true for my can lights that need a rather tall ladder.

As I get older I hesitate to get up on the ladder for tasks. So I switched ALL my bulbs. I was surprised to find that I have 16 can lights in my house and 18 regular bulbs.

While LED bulbs are usually more expensive and the can light replacements can cost a small fortune, I was lucky that our company www.pulsetv.com has a super deal on the can lights. You too can score a 3-pack of them for $9.99.

Each bulb will save you approximately $149 for the life of the bulb. At 16 bulbs that’s over $2300 for me! Again I do love the fact that I won’t have to think about changing these for 20 years or more. Get more info here

3. Swap Your Garage Lights Too…

In keeping with the theme of LED swaps I also upgraded my garage lights to these fantastic and our number one selling item of 2020.

Not only will these save money on energy, they are super bright… SERIOUSLY BRIGHT! Just one look at all the reviews will tell you these are awesome.

I have not yet heard one bad thing about these. Suffice to say I promise you’ll love these lights or your money back. You can watch the video here

In Closing…

Try one, two or all three of these and see how they help you. I can tell you my number 1 tip has already netted the people in this office over $4,000 collectively! WOW…

Let me know how it works out for you.

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