4 Reasons It May Be Time For A Sleep Divorce

Hello Friend,

A sleep divorce is becoming more popular and in some instances may even save a marriage or romantic partnership.

It isn’t as drastic as it sounds… but just the simple arrangement where a couple sleeps separately from each other.

They either sleep in separate beds or separate rooms. While it may not be ideal for your sex life, for many it can help save a relationship and be extremely beneficial for each other’s health.

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Better Sleep…

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From a practical standpoint, separate beds can boost sleep quality.

This can be because of snoring, different sleep patterns or even the fact that your partner likes to stay up late watching TV or reading while you want to sleep.

Without these distractions you will be able to get a better night’s sleep.

Fewer Arguments…

If your partner’s sleep patterns are sabotaging your shut-eye, chances are you’re feeling irritable. Sleeping apart will help for each of you to settle into your own sleep pattern.

Increased Intimacy and Longing…

Does absence makes the heart grow fonder? In this case sleeping apart can make intimacy more special and something you both look forward to.

More “Me Time”…

If you or your partner enjoy reading or watching TV in bed, having a room to yourself can make this more enjoyable as you don’t have to worry about disturbing your partner.

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In Closing…

A sleep divorce doesn’t mean goodbye forever, but it could improve your health and help your relationship flourish.

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