4 Things I’ve Done To Save Money

I’ve been getting a bunch of emails and most are talking about inflation and how it is wreaking havoc on many of our retirement or planned retirement.

I’ve had a goal to try and retire soon and inflation has made me look at additional ways to save.

Over the past months done these four things and I have to say it has been amazing how much money I have saved.

See if any or all of these can help you!

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1. Talk With My Insurance Agent…

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This was alarming to say the least. Insurance is one of those things you set up once and don’t pay attention to. Well after talking with my agent and telling him I needed to find ways to save money I was shocked just how “over insured” I was!

For my car I raised my deductible. I had a $250 deductible. I raised it to $100. Next was a low mileage discount. I live close to work and don’t put many miles on my car. I didn’t know that I could get a better rate because of this. I ended up saving $180 a year on these changes.

We moved onto my home owners insurance… and just like car we raised my deductible. Also found that on the townhouse I own but rent I was paying for insurance on the WHOLE house. Well the HOA is responsible for most of the exterior like roof and structure so we were able to cut this down. On this alone I saved $400 a year!

In all total I was able to save over $700 a year on my insurance.

2. Downsized My House…

This was the biggest change and also the thing that gave me and will continue to give me a bigger savings.

I had a home that was just too big for me. With the market as lucrative as it has been, I found there was no better time to sell my larger home and downsize.

This resulted in me putting some extra money in my savings and lowering my monthly mortgage payment.

Not to mention all of the following will be less: taxes, electric, water, natural gas. Plus I moved into a duplex so I no longer have to worry about exterior maintenance!

Please know this was not an easy decision. The house I sold was my dream home that I had built and it was filled with a lot of memories. But I also know one of the worst things we can do as we get older is hang onto a house that is too big and too costly.

3. Stopped Getting Coffee Out…

Might sound trivial, but this was costing me about $2.50 a day. I would stop to get it every morning on my way to work. And of course many of the times I got a doughnut too!

This has saved me at the very least $600 a year… but it is probably closer to $700 because of the extras I occasionally would pickup.

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4. Cutting The Cord…

Now this isn’t something new. I actually did this in 2019 and I’m saving about $120 per month ($1440 a year!).

It is surprising how many channels you can get with an antenna (I use this one). I continually amazed. I get 57 channels over the air and another 50 via Pluto and FreeVee.

I was able to hookup a DVR to the antenna so I can record shows just like those expensive cable boxes. There is also PufferTV which is a free streaming service put out by Stanford University. You’ll get the major networks on this one.

In Closing…

These are just four things I’ve done but I’m continuing to look at more ways to cut costs. How about you? What have or are you doing? PLEASE SHARE!

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