5 Fun Activities That Help You Live Longer

Being active is almost always a good idea. Research shows certain activities/hobbies can add years, or even decades, to your life.

Below are 5 activities that science says may increase your lifespan… how many do YOU do?

Be Well,

1. Reading…

Stress is a major source of health problems that shorten lives. But simply picking up a book and escaping into another world can reduce stress levels by 68%, according to a study out of the University of Sussex in England.

It takes just six minutes for reading to begin working its magic, according to the research. Why is reading so effective in soothing your nerves? According to one report detailing the researchers’ findings:

“Psychologists say this is because the human mind has to concentrate on reading and the distraction eases the tensions in muscles and the heart.”

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2. Gardening…

A green thumb can help grow your golden years. Several studies show that the physical activity of gardening – combined with being in a lush, green atmosphere – can enhance and extend life.

People in their 60s who garden lower their risk of developing dementia by 36%, according to one Australian study.

Dr. Bradley Willcox of the University of Hawaii notes that many residents in Okinawa – which has the world’s highest concentration of people who have reached age 100 – tend small personal gardens into old age.

And a Harvard University study found that women who live amid lush green vegetation have lower rates of mortality.

If you’re curious about gardening, check out “How to Plan a No-Waste Garden in 2021.”

3. Cooking…

Restaurant foods and processed goodies can wreck your health, contributing to life-shortening illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. By contrast, people who make meals from scratch are much more likely to eat more healthful fare.

The more often people cook at home each week, the higher they tend to score on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Healthy Eating Index, according to researchers at the University of Washington. The researchers say:

“Home-cooked dinners were associated with greater dietary guideline compliance, without significant increase in food expenditures. By contrast, frequent eating out was associated with higher expenditures and lower compliance.”

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4. Listening To Music…

A good melody can tickle the ear and add years to your lifespan. Patrick Fagan, a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, says regularly attending concerts can add years to your life. The study led by Fagan found just 20 minutes of listening can boost your sense of well-being by up to 21%.

In particular, concert attendance boosts:
– Feelings of self-worth by 25%
– Feelings of closeness to others by 25%
– Mental stimulation by 75%

The study concluded that such positive feelings can boost lifespan by up to nine years. According to Fagan:

“Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and well-being – with regular attendance being the key.”

5. Walking…

The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can have a profound impact on your health. Incredibly, those who take brisk walks might live up to 20 years longer than inveterate couch potatoes, according to a Mayo Clinic study.

Even better, the benefit is available to people regardless of their body mass index, which is a medical measure of weight that accounts for height. So, you don’t have to be a Slim Jim or Skinny Minnie to reap the rewards of walking.

But you do have to put some effort into it: The researchers note that brisk walking – at least 3 miles per hour, or 100 steps a minute – is required to get the life-extending perks.

In Closing…

This is just a list of five but there are others too. As mentioned in general when you are active, good things happen for your mind and body.

So pickup one or two of the above activities and extend your life!

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