5 Reasons to Reorganize Your Pantry

It started with warehouse stores and especially during COVID-19, many of us are shopping less and buying more in bulk.

Sometimes this is good but many times it leads to a very messy pantry. Today we’re going to look at the reasons you should take a peak inside your pantry and reorganize it!

Pre-packaged or canned foods won’t go bad as fast, but they can easily get lost and forgotten and create chaos in the pantry. Besides, you only have so much space! It also means some fresh foods can go to waste as well.

Let’s look at five benefits to having an organized pantry (and fridge).

Be Well,

1. Saves Money…

If you know what foods you already have, you won’t accidently purchase more.

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2. Reduces Waste…

You won’t have to throw out expired goods, because you’ll use them before they go bad.

3. Saves Time…

When you make a grocery list, you can easily see what you really need to purchase at the store as well as find ingredients to cook with.

4. Reduces Stress…

It can be frustrating when you’re looking through your pantry, moving things around and you still can’t find something you swore you bought the other day.

5. Encourages Healthy Eating…

If you chop up fresh fruits and vegetables and put them toward the front of the fridge, your family will more likely grab them for a snack. In the pantry, you can create easy access to healthy snacks like unsalted nuts, seeds and unsweetened dried fruits.

“Reorganizing can help you really ‘see’ what foods you’re providing to your family,” says Julie Simpson, a registered dietitian at Banner Health. “If your pantry is full of chips, crackers and cookies, it can be eye-opening. By organizing, you can create more access to certain foods you want your kids (and yourself) to eat more of and less access to every once in a while foods.”

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In Closing…

It might be a daunting task, but stay tuned! Next week we are going to share some tips to organizing and keeping your pantry in tip top shape!

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