5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Skin Conditioner

As we age it is important to change our skin care regimen. Our skin’s texture and moisture changes.

A moisturizer you once used could actually have an adverse affect on your skin tone and elasticity. Plus as we age our skin naturally gets thinner.

Have you ever tried a Skin Conditioner? It’s a way to give your skin some extra loving through nutrients.

Below is a guide to why a Skin Conditioner is better for your skin, especially for those of us over the age of 50.

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1. Skin Conditioner Hydrates and Softens Skin…

Like regular moisturizer, Skin Conditioner has a specific function to hydrate and soften skin. Unlike regular moisturizer it is light-weight and features little or no water.

A little can go a long way. Products like NR8 AM/PM Skin Conditioner has no water. A couple of drops can moisturize your whole face.

Margo Marrone, co-founder of The Organic Pharmacy says, ‘Most of us have been taught to use a heavy cream at night. This in fact is not great as an emollient on the skin overnight can force oils back into the skin leading to puffiness.’

A skin conditioner is super light, non-sticky that penetrates easily into areas of dry skin and suits all skin types.

2. Heals and Restores…

A skin conditioner doesn’t just moisturize and soften your skin, a really good one restores problem skin to a healthy and beautiful condition. Again it does this but is very light weight on your skin.

While most skin conditioner’s are in a liquid form you can find a few that are tailored to take on the go. For instance our Renew Stick is a great way to heal and restore your skin. It is in a convenient stick format that allows you to take it with you anywhere.

3. Good, Quality Ingredients…

There are many moisturizers that have quality ingredients, but almost every Skin Conditioner prides itself on natural ingredients that nourish your skin.

For example our NR8 AM/PM Skin Conditioner is made with the finest, natural ingredients from all over the world including Pracaxi Oil from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Pracaxi Oil has been referred to as a “MIRACLE OIL” and has been used to heal the skin of burn victims as well as reduce scarring.

4. Highly Concentrated…

In generally most Skin Conditioner’s are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

You only need to apply a couple of drops to deliver nutrients and moisture to the deepest layers of your skin.

It is a more robust way to moisturize your skin while being lightweight.

5. Keeps Skin Healthy…

More than all of the above continual use of a skin conditioner will keep your skin healthy. These nutrient rich formula’s have ingredients that brighten and balance your skin tone, boost Collagen production and more.

Third Age Skin Care’s NR8 Skin Conditioner is actually a call out to the nutrient rich formula.

N = Nutrient
R = Rich
8 = the Eight benefits you get by using this particular skin conditioner.

In Closing…

There is no way around it. After 50, metabolic shifts change our skin and our skin is more susceptible to vitamin loss.

Exposure to pollution, sun or smoke can rob your skin of vital nutrients. These nutrients help guard against sun damage, neutralize free radicals and help repair skin.

Using a skin conditioner is one way to add nutrients back into your skin in a non-greasy, highly effective way.

Most people who use a skin conditioner notice the difference within just a few days!

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