5 Simple Makeup Tips For Mature Women

While makeup will help enhance your natural beauty, it’s never meant to cover up or alter the natural movement and expression of who you are.

There’s beauty and grace in every decade of our lives and there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who wears her age gracefully.

Here are my 5 tips to embrace your natural beauty. A simple routine will help you fall in love with your skin again… even at 50, 60, 70 and beyond!

Be Well,

1. Start with a Glowing Base…

Cleansing and Moisturizing is an essential strategy for achieving a healthy complexion, especially as we age.

Start with a clean face. Apply some hydrating, yet weightless moisturizer. It is important to know that heavy moisturizers can hamper the makeup you apply. You need a right balance between nourishing the skin, and not adding an extra layer that is oily or heavy.

And don’t forget about your neck! What goes on your face should also go on your neck.

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2. Cover Up Conservatively…

Wrinkles are a part of life and we just can’t hide them, so don’t try. All you do is draw more attention to them. Especially when using a powder-based foundation. It tends to cake and sit in the wrinkles, thus making them look deeper and more noticeable.

3. Blush is a Must…

The color of our skin tends to lighten and fade as we age. Be sure to add a hint of blush on your cheeks every day. This touch is the number one thing you can do to look and feel fresh and vibrant.

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4. Now with the Brows…

Instead of tweezing, trim them. For those of us over 50 we tend to lose definition. Save every eyebrow hair you have!

As a person who battled the uni-brow all my life I can attest to this. I no longer have to tweeze all the time. Just a quick tweeze monthly gets the occasional stray hair off. I now just trim my brows every few weeks.

5. Embrace Your Beautiful Face…

Don’t overdo with makeup. As we age a little bit goes a long way. Embrace your features and accentuate your natural face. Have people say, “You look beautiful,” instead of “Good makeup!”

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