5 Weight Loss Tips You May Want To Ignore

There is no shortage of weight loss advice on the internet.

Although some weight loss tips are helpful, others are ineffective, misleading, or downright harmful.

Below are 5 weight loss tips that you may want to ignore completely.

Be Well,

1. Always Eat Breakfast, Even If You’re Not Hungry…

You may have heard that it’s important to eat breakfast to boost your metabolism after sleeping through the night.

As such, many people force themselves to eat in the morning, even if they’re not hungry. However, eating breakfast isn’t necessarily beneficial for losing weight.

In fact, studies have shown that eating or skipping breakfast has very little effect on weight, and that skipping it may even result in slightly more weight loss.

Skipping breakfast is one form of intermittent fasting, which some people find helps them lose weight. Intermittent fasting may also have health benefits.

If you are hungry, make sure to eat a breakfast high in protein so you’ll be more satisfied and less likely to overeat at lunch.

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2. Don’t Weigh Yourself Every Day…

Your weight can fluctuate from day to day in response to several factors.

For this reason, many sources say you should avoid weighing yourself every day when trying to lose weight.

While this seems to make sense, the opposite may be true.

In a 6-month study on people with overweight or obesity, people who got on scale every day consumed fewer calories and lost 6.6 % of their body weight, on average, compared with people in the control group, who lost less than 1% of their body weight.

In another study, researchers looking at the weighing habits of 40 people with overweight found that those who took breaks of longer than 1 month had a greater risk of weight gain.

Frequently weighing yourself can provide accountability and confirm that your weight is trending in the right direction.

Some studies have reported that daily weighing didn’t appear to lead to disordered eating or negative psychological effects, such as poor body image.

However, for some people, checking the scales frequently can become a source of anxiety. If you feel that it’s not good for your psychological health, it’s best to avoid this strategy.

It’s important to keep in mind that your weight can fluctuate daily. Hormonal changes, fluid balance, and bowel movement frequency can affect weight. These changes don’t reflect fat loss or gain.

3. Don’t Lose Weight Quickly…

The conventional advice is to lose weight slowly so you’ll have a better chance of maintaining your lower weight.

While it’s certainly fine to lose weight slowly, the most recent research indicates that faster weight loss in the beginning does not increase the risk of weight regain. In fact, losing weight fast seems to be beneficial for long-term weight loss.

One study found that people who lost weight quickly during the first month were five times as likely to have lost 10% of their body weight within 18 months, compared with those who started off losing weight more slowly.

However, some weight loss methods are better than others. Cutting calories to extremely low levels may cause rapid weight loss in the beginning, but it’s unlikely to be sustainable.

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4. Minimize Foods High In Natural Fat…

Despite popular opinion, not all fats are bad for your health, and avoiding all fatty foods won’t necessarily help you lose weight.

Fat has twice as many calories as protein or carbs, but it’s also very filling and takes a long time to digest.

Standard low fat diets, in which fat comprises less than 30% of all calories, generally have a poorer track record than other diets, such as low carb diets, when it comes to weight loss.

In fact, foods that are naturally high in fat, including avocados, nuts, and coconut, can aid weight loss.

Full fat dairy products contain a fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which research has linked to lower body fat and improved insulin sensitivity.

By contrast, eating or drinking fat-free or low fat products in an attempt to cut calories could backfire, as many of these products are loaded with refined sugar.

While eating foods naturally high in healthy fat can work in your favor, putting a lot of added fat on your food is not helpful. Adding too much fat can increase calories to the point where you won’t lose weight.

That said, ultra-low-fat diets, in which fat comprises less than 10% of calories, may have some benefits for weight loss.

5. Eat Every 2–3 Hours…

You may have heard that it’s best to eat many small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism up. This is a myth.

In one small study, researchers gave two groups the same number of calories either in two large meals or spread between seven small meals. They found no difference in calories burned between the two groups.

Controlled studies have shown that eating many small meals does not result in greater weight loss, compared with eating three or fewer meals per day.

What’s more, research has linked frequent meals after weight loss surgery with diminished weight loss 6 months after the procedure.

The main problem with snacking or eating many small meals is that you often end up consuming more calories than your body needs.

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In Closing…

When it comes to dieting everyone is different just as every body is different. The key is to keep trying different diets and remember it is more about a lifestyle change than just dropping the weight.

I have struggled all my life with my weight. I did fantastic for about 3 years then the Pandemic hit and all my good eating habits went out the window. Throw in depression over the loss of my mother and sister and I gained 30 of the 50 pounds I had lost.

Over the past month I have begun to get back to eating good food. I really don’t count calories, I just focus on eating non-processed foods. I have also found when I have a craving, I eat one of these Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. It is a tasty treat that actually works to help curb cravings and weight-loss.

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