6 Costco Shopping Secrets You Should Know

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I love shopping at Costco. I don’t do it as often as I like because there isn’t one close to me and the hours aren’t optimal.

While Costco is loaded with deals and discounts did you know there are some secret pricing strategies and more that can save you even more money?

With the following shopping secrets, you can maximize your savings.

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1. Look For Price Tags That End In .97…

At Costco, these two numbers at the end of a price signify that an item has been marked down. So when you see the big 9-7, you know it’s a deal.

While you’re at it, pay special attention to those items ending in .88 or .00. These are usually display items, returned items, or end-of-inventory items with a manger’s discount.

2. Take Note Of The Tags With Asterisks…

In Costco-speak, the asterisk means that product won’t be getting a reorder. So when you see this symbol on the price tag of one of your favorite items, it’s time to stock up!

3. Ask For Price Matching…

If you happen to buy a product right before it hit Costco’s clearance section, fear not: The store is happy to refund you the difference in price for any product purchased within 30 days.

In fact, you don’t even have to go back to Costco to get your refund. You can simply request it via an online form.

4. Opt For Generic…

There’s a reason why Kirkland, Costco’s signature brand, has such a cult following-and it’s not just that it’s inexpensive. It’s because these generic products are just as reliable as name brands.

When Consumer Reports tested some of Costco’s most popular products, they found that everything from the Kirkland laundry and dish detergents to the mayonnaise and maple syrup “kept pace” with the most popular brands out there.

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5. Take Advantage Of The Gift Cards…

Costco is one of the best places for stocking up on gift cards since it’s the rare store where you can them at a discount.

For instance, right now on Costco’s website, you can buy a $500 Southwest Airlines Gift Card for $449. That’s a $50 savings on any trip you book.

6. You Can Return Almost Anything At Anytime…

Costco’s return policy is wonderfully lenient. Aside from a few exceptions (like electronics and fine jewelry), the store offers lifetime returns on anything you buy.

If you buy a box of 100 cans of tuna and after one can, you realize that you hate it, you can just return the other 99.

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