7 Ways To Stay Safe From A Pool-Related Illness

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. Well maybe not actually swimming but lounging in the pool!

Over the past few years there has been a rise in pool-related illnesses but don’t fret, we’ve got 7 ways to do this. While some are obvious like the first one, there are others I never thought of.

Be Well,

1. Stay Out Of The Water If You Have Diarrhea…

If you have been diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis, the illness caused by the parasite, don’t go back into the water until two weeks after diarrhea has completely stopped.

2. Shower Before You Swim…

Rinsing off in the shower for 1 minute removes most of the dirt or anything else on your body that uses up pool chemicals to kill germs. Most people have about 0.14 grams of feces – comparable to a few grains of sand – on their body at any given time, according to the CDC.

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3. Don’t Swallow The Water…

The number one way you can protect yourself from crypto is to avoid swallowing the water, Hlavsa said. Chlorine kills most germs within minutes; it doesn’t kill germs instantly.

4. Beware Of Red Eyes and A Strong “Chlorine” Smell…

The smell comes from a chemical irritant called chloramine that occurs when chlorine combines with what washes off swimmers’ bodies. Chloramine also causes red, blood-shot eyes. An abundance of chloramine likely means there is an excess of urine, feces or sweat in the pool. It also means there’s less chlorine remaining in the water to kill germs.

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5. Protect Open Cuts or Wounds…

It’s best to stay out of the water, especially if the cut or wound is the result of a recent surgery or piercing. If you do go in, use waterproof bandages to completely cover the cut or wound.

6. Mind Your Ears…

Dry ears thoroughly after swimming or wear a bathing cap or ear plugs to prevent swimmer’s ear, an infection in the outer ear canal.? The bacterial infection is more common in children.

7. Shower After With Soap…

After getting out of water for the day, remove your swimsuit and lather up to kill any germs clinging to your skin. Wash your swimsuit?, too – this prevents “hot tub rash,” an itchy red bump that can fill with pus around hair follicles.

In Closing…

Many of these are just common sense, but it is always good to revisit and reinforce good practices so we can all enjoy the pool without getting ourselves sick.

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