9 Dementia Risks You Can Actually Avoid

Millions of Americans are diagnosed with some form of dementia each year—and the numbers are only growing. In 2017, dementia led to nearly 262,000 deaths in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). By the year 2060, the CDC projects there will be 14 million U.S. adults with dementia.

A recent report published in the journal Lancet suggests up to one-third of dementia cases may be avoidable if the right steps are taken during each life phase to lower your risk.

The report states up to 35 percent of dementia diagnoses can be traced back to nine risk factors you can actually do something about.

Here are nine things you could and should be doing.

Be Well,

1. Protect Against Hearing Loss…

Hearing loss during mid-life alone may raise your dementia risk by around nine percent.

2. Take Care of High Blood Pressure…

Track your blood pressure so you can get help promptly if it goes too high.

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3. Watch What Your Eat…

Eat a Mediterranean-style diet to help lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health and control your weight.

4. Limit Alcohol…

Drinking alcohol is never risk-free in terms of your health. Moderation is key. Women should have no more than one drink daily, while men should limit themselves to two. And if you don’t drink, don’t start.

5. Protect Your Noggin…

Protect yourself from traumatic brain injuries by always using proper safety equipment and headgear and learning to recognize symptoms of a concussion.

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6. A Bad Mood or Depression?…

Learn how to tell if your bad mood is actually depression, so you can get the help you need.

7. Avoid Loneliness…

Counteract loneliness by volunteering or even performing small, random acts of kindness.

8. Stop Smoking…

Get help quitting tobacco by making an appointment with an addiction specialist or trying proven ways to kick the habit.

9. Take Care of Your Diabetes…

Find out about getting the best possible care for your diabetes.

In Closing…

No matter your age, you can benefit from building healthier habits now. You’ll help lower your dementia risk, but they can also improve your overall quality of life in the process.

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