Aging Skin, Let’s Take A Look

They say that skin is the most visible indicator of aging. As you know I say let’s embrace our lines and wrinkles.

But I certainly don’t want to do anything to add to them unnecessarily!

Today let’s look at some factors that can accelerate the aging of your skin as well as some natural things to help!

Be Well,

Skin & Aging…

As you age, your skin can change in several different ways. It can become thinner, begin to sag, and lose its elasticity and smoothness.

You may notice this as bags underneath your eyes, crow’s feet, wrinkles, less definition around your cheekbones, sagging skin on your neck, and age spots on your face and hands.

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More Reasons Besides Aging…

These changes are important concerns for many people. While skin aging is partially genetically determined, there are a number of controllable external factors that can accelerate skin aging:

1. Sun/UV ray exposure
2. Air pollution
3. Temperature and humidity
4. Smoking
5. Alcohol abuse
6. Certain medications
7. Poor nutrition
8. Overeating
9. Repetitive muscle movements (e.g., squinting, frowning)
10. Stress (both physical and psychological)
11. Sleeping position
12. And more

Nutritional Help For Healthy Glowing Skin…

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The great news is that nutrition can have a potent impact on skin health. For instance, there are several nutrients, micronutrients, antioxidants, polyphenols, and a variety of plant extracts that possess potent antioxidant properties and can effectively prolong youthful skin appearance.

Citrus fruits are among the richest natural sources of Vitamin C, which is much more than a potent antioxidant.

Vitamin C protects the cells throughout the body from free radical damage, and it also plays an important role in the formation of collagen, the main structural protein in skin, helping keep it healthy, firm, and tight.

Vitamin C has been shown to help repair photoaged skin and provide wrinkle relief.

Here are some of our favorite Vitamin C-rich citrus fruits:

1. Pomelo
2. Oranges
3. Grapefruit
4. Clementine
5. Lemons
6. Limes
7. Tangerine
8. Ugli fruit

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