Avoid Cold Weather Driving Disasters With These Tips

It’s that time of year again, and with all the big swaths of snow storms across the country it’s a great time to talk about some winter driving tips to keep you safe!

Here in the Chicagoland area it has been downright hazardous the past couple of days. You may have already done this in preparation for bad weather, but it is always important to go over to save issues later one.

Test Your Battery; Battery Power Drops As the Temperature Drops.

You can take your car into any service station or a place like AutoZone and they can usually test your battery for free. Or you can do it yourself with a battery tester tool. Turn on your car for 10-15 minutes a day outside, just to make sure your car starts and let the battery maintain its charge.

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Check your tires…

If you have all season tires, make sure you don’t have old or bald tires. You need good treads for traction. Consider winter tires with a deeper, more flexible tread put on your car. While you’re at it, inspect your spare tire to be sure it’s in good condition in case of a blow out.

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Check the Tire pressure; Tire Pressure Drops as the Temperature Drops…

Many newer cars have a tire pressure alert light. Consider a Handheld Tire Inflator so you can adjust the pressure and keep that light from annoying you.

Invest in a Big Bag of Sand…

It may sound silly but the weight gives your car the weight it needs when sliding AND the sand will help if your tires get stuck in snow by giving your traction. Don’t spin your wheels in the snow, it will just dig you deeper.

Check Your Wiper Blades and Replace Them If Needed…

Well functioning wiper blades are important when clearing icy rain or wet snow from your windshield. Don’t forget your back wiper either.

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Top Up Wiper Fluid Rated for -30 Degrees…

You want wiper fluid that can stand up to the cold temps without freezing in your line or on your windshield if you need to use it.

Keep Your Gas Tank at Least Halfway Full…

Or better yet? Keep it full to avoid a gas line freeze. Plus, you want enough gas to keep the car warm if you get caught in your car during emergencies. Also a steady stream of gasoline helps keep your air pump cool. Water or ice particles will interfere with that, potentially leading to damage that can be expensive to repair.

Have a Winter Emergency Kit Ready in Your Trunk…

Having items in case you get stranded in your car is important. Pack no perishable snacks, bottled water, a blanket, plastic bags, baby wipes, and a candle with a lighter or matches. If you must turn off your vehicle, light the candle to help keep the warmth within the car.

Pack a Solar Power Bank to recharge your phone and can be recharged by the sun…

Other important items or gadgets are great to pack like a Versa LED Smart Light, which is perfect for different lighting needs. It even has a flashing function to signal for help.

Speaking of help, consider a set of Roadside LED Flares. They are safer than traditional flares with no spark needed and they are super bright.


Respect Snow Plows…

Don’t pass snow plows, it’s more dangerous in front of them than behind, because they will clear the way and not hit you with snow running off the plow blades.

Use All Wheel or 4 Wheel Drive…

If you have these functions, use them. You’ll find you have a bit more traction when using these functions, but still take care on the roads. It doesn’t make you invincible to the snow.

Watch Out for Black Ice…

It feels like an oxymoron since you can’t really see black ice. Just be aware that when during the day snow or ice thaws, it freezes back up when the temperature drops again at night. Be cautious, and especially careful on bridges and turns, which ice up faster than regular roadways.

Slow Down and Be Mindful of Distractions…

The simplest thing is slow down and don’t turn on the radio. Be mindful of your usual driving distractions if possible and focus on what you’re doing. Keep both hands on the wheel and be alert. This is the most important tip we can give you to stay safe driving in the winter!

In Closing…

Overall, just do what you can to stay safe and warm. Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but I know I’ve learned that common sense isn’t so common anymore and it never hurts to have a review. Stay safe and warm out there.

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