Eyebrows Over Age 50… Get it Right

I don’t know about you, but since I passed the age of 50 my eyebrows have changed dramatically.

Don’t fret this is normal, but it is important to do things differently than you’ve done before.

Getting your eyebrows “right” can help you to have a fresher look.

Today’s we’re sharing some tips on caring for your brows.

Be Well,

Why Have My Eyebrows Changed?…

There could be multiple reasons but usually it is due to hormonal changes that cause thinning and wiry grays sticking out.

These problems contribute to a look that is aging and washed-out.

A well-defined brow opens our eyes and lifts and frames our faces giving a younger look. Applying eyebrow pencil or powder correctly truly is like having a mini face lift. We can still have great brows over 50, we just must create a little “magic” to make it happen.

When doing your brows, focus on the don’ts.

Don’t Go Too Dark…

Choose brow products that are a shade or two lighter than your hair color. It is better to go too light than too dark. Gray haired? A light shade of brown is probably best.

Powders and wax based pencils are great for filling in missing tails and thin brows. Apply with light feathering strokes and fill in the entire brow not just the missing parts. If using a pencil, sharpen it often!

You want a defined but realistic look to frame and define the face. A clear brow gel will keep brows looking great all day.

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Don’t Do Brows Without a Good Mirror

You don’t want to be that person that looks like drew crayon lines on their eyebrows?

Also, as we age, we sometimes have unruly eyebrow hairs and a good mirror, with magnification, can help us see if anything crazy is happening in the eyebrow region.

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Don’t Change Your Natural Shape…

Embrace the natural shape of your brow and fill in from there.

Don’t Over Tweeze…

A fuller brow is more youthful. If you over tweezed in the past and your brows don’t grow, they can be softly drawn in to give a fuller appearance.

Over doing tweezing make you look older.

Don’t Skip Professional Shaping…

Every few months you may want to consider professional tweezing. Then tweeze (carefully) in between visits. The shape should have a well-defined angular peak and be elongated which lifts the face. Lifting… that’s what we want!

Tinting gray brows can also be done by a professional. Many of my friends have their hairdresser tint their brows when have their hair colored.

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