Fast & Easy Spring Cleaning Tips…

Even though it is actually snowing this morning in Chicago, I got motivated over the weekend to do some spring cleaning!

While I’m calling these Spring Cleaning Tips, you can use these anytime! Some I’ve used for a long time, some I’m just trying.

The theme to these, are what you can do with every day items you probably have in your home. With super market shelves empty, lets be creative!

Let me know what you think about these! Remember just reply and I’ll get the email!

Be Well,

Garbage Can Deodorizer…

Borax, or sodium borate, is a naturally occurring substance and is an ingredient in many household cleaning products.

If you have a smelly garbage can, deodorize it with equal parts borax and water. For my small garbage can, I used 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of borax.

Let it soak and then rinse it out.

Sprinkle some borax in the bottom once it’s dry, to keep bugs away and to absorb any future odor-causing moisture.

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Dust Bunny Broom Cleaner…

Every time you sweep, clumps of dust and hair collect at the ends of the broom’s bristles. To solve this problem, hot glue a wide-tooth comb to the top of a dustpan. Just run the bristles through the comb to remove any excess gunk dangling from the broom.

Use Your Dishwasher…

Dishwashers are for so much more than just washing dishes. Leslie Reichert, founder of The Green Cleaning Coach and author of The Joy Of Green Cleaning, recommends using yours to dust off knickknacks like mason jars and glass candle globes.

Pretty much anything glass or ceramic should be fine going in the dishwasher, but you do want to stay away from putting meltable plastics in the dishwasher.

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Steam for Everyday Spills…

The advantages of traditional oven cleaners are power and speed. But for many of us, the disadvantages outweigh the good, specifically, the corrosive chemicals and caustic fumes that this type of oven cleaning can produce.

A simple, more natural way to clean your oven is to place an oven-safe pot or bowl filled with water inside. Set your oven to 450 degrees for 20 to 60 minutes to loosen dirt and grease with the steam.

Once your oven is cool, wipe off the condensation and the grease will come with it.

If stubborn spots persist, scrub with a paste of baking soda and lemon or vinegar.

This steam-cleaning option doesn’t take as long as pyrolytic cleaning and doesn’t produce smoke, either. It’s a win-win!

Coffee Filters for Dusting…

When you need to clean a computer monitor or TV screen, reach into your kitchen cupboard for a coffee filter. Thin, cloth-like paper filters are great at picking up fine dust particles, and one filter goes a long way.

You can also use coffee filters for dusting knickknacks and other home accessories, while you’re at it. Add a spritz of cleaning solution and the coffee filter will catch even more dust and disinfect surfaces, too.

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