Going Gray… Mary’s Story!

A few months ago I did wrote about tips to going gray gracefully.

I got more feedback on this issue than any other.

Mary in our office is one person I know who has done this. I asked her to share her story with us.

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Mary is the editor of The Daily Recipe found at GopherCentral.com

Embracing My Natural Color…

I’m 52 and have colored and highlighted my hair for at least half of my life. At some point early on I was shocked when my stylist told me I was about 90% grey hiding under all that color, and I was still young!

Fast forward to a couple of years ago; after staring at way too much unintentional outgrowth from missed salon visits I finally realized my natural color was so light it actually resembled the highlights I was spending a fortune on!

I was in a bit of a rut with zero budget for any massive makeover, not to mention the cost of the 5 to 6 week upkeep. I needed something new to do with my hair or a new baseball cap!

After some good pondering I decided to embrace my natural hair color and went ‘all-in’ letting it grow completely out.

It’s Just Hair Right?…

Big whoop! It’s just hair right? It sure took a long time and I felt like a bit of a rebel, but I still stuck to my guns and was really surprised to find along the way I actually loved the ‘frosty’ grey look that was revealing itself.

My grandmother had the most beautiful snow white hair. My big sis, a year ahead of me, actually started graying as early as high school and just kept it natural which always looked beautiful on her too, but I just couldn’t see myself ever doing it. Most of the gals I know would never in their wildest dreams even consider revealing a single grey, but this is me and I’m so glad I decided to make the change. The positive response has been quite the opposite reaction of what I would have ever expected and big sis and I are like twins now.

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No Fuss, No Upkeep…

With it fully grown out, I no longer have all that extra fuss of upkeep, worry about hiding my gray roots, or fitting the expense into the family budget!

The biggest bonus, which I didn’t expect, is how much healthier my hair looks and feels. I’m barely even using hairspray anymore.

I still can’t believe that recent shift where young people are actually paying big bucks for their ‘trendy’ 50 shades of frosty gray hair, guess I was country when country wasn’t cool!

Happier and More Content…

When I turned 50 I wasn’t ready or even imagined myself letting my hair go. I was stuck in a mindset of looking too old and just not open to the possibilities. Now as I’m older I find myself less and less trying to cover up my flaws and adding on extra layers, instead becoming happier and more content embracing what I’ve already got.

Interesting how a slight change in attitude changes your whole perspective. My hair color doesn’t make me look old, just more like me. Kind of like my stretch marks from having twins which I refer to as my ‘laugh lines’. I think all of our imperfections and differences are part of what makes each of us unique and special.

Now I go for a much softer and more natural look in my makeup and skincare routine which feels good for me and the balance seems to suit me well.

In Closing…

I’m constantly telling my teenage daughter that beauty comes from the inside out and glows. I strive to be a good example of this for her too.

Mary K

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