Here’s How & Why You Should Take inventory Of Your Belongings

This actually came from my insurance agent and I have to admit I never thought of this. If I had thought of it I would’ve thought it was hard, but it’s not!

Think about it. Have you ever moved? During the packing stage, have you ever said to yourself, “Wow, I forgot we had that!”

Now think about this. If something were to happen to your home and the belongings inside of it were destroyed, could you list every item you own? If you don’t think you could do it on a regular day, you probably won’t be able to do it under extreme stress after a natural disaster or fire strikes.

That’s why having a home inventory on file (or even saved in your email) is so important. And don’t fret you can actually do it in less than 15 minutes!

Be Well,

First Thing….

I always thought I had to to list every item you own, accompanied by serial numbers, purchase costs, how much the item is worth today, pictures, and so on.

You Don’t! Taking inventory of your home can be so much easier than that because creating a video version of your belongings is more than acceptable!

So, what should be included in your home inventory video? Follow these simple steps!

1. Narration…

You might feel silly talking over your video, but it’s so helpful. While you’re recording, be sure to describe what we’re looking at. Maybe it’s something that’s been in your family for four generations – say that in the video! The more detailed you are during your video shoot, the better.

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2. All of Your Stuff…

This might seem obvious, but you need to capture everything you own. Sounds overwhelming, but if you take it a room at a time, you’ll be done in no time. Feel free to break up the videos and create one for each room if that’s easier.

Don’t forget places like your garage, attic or shed, if you have them.

3. (Some) Serial Numbers…

For bigger ticket items, like electronics, point the camera at the make, model and serial numbers and narrate that information over the video as you record. This will help ensure you’re reimbursed for the same product (or for one of equal value).

Where do I save my home inventory video(s)?

Save the video in your email (and in someone else’s email) so you can access it if your computer is destroyed.

It’s also a good idea to send it to your insurance agent to save on file.

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Don’t Want To Create A Video, Or Already Have A Home Inventory Spreadsheet?

Lists and photos are still a completely acceptable way to inventory your belongings. But it’s worth taking a look at your inventory to make sure you don’t need to create a new one, or at least add to the one you already have.

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In Closing…

A video going room by room is pretty easy and can be fun. Also saving the videos in your email if you have Yahoo or Gmail keeps it accessible from any computer you just need to make sure you have enough space on your plan.

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