How To Lower Your Bills Just By Asking!

Did you know there are a bunch of service providers that you can negotiate on your monthly?

Who doesn’t feel the sticker shock every time a phone, cable or internet bill arrives? Depending on which company provides the service, lower rates may be just a phone call away.

LendEDU recently analyzed data from Truebill, a personal finance tracker, budget planner and bill reminder app that helps people manage their subscriptions, to determine which service providers are most likely to drop their prices if asked.

Below are 14 service providers, which had the highest negotiation success rates:

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Service Providers With Best Success Rate Of Negotiating Lower Prices With…

SiriusXM: 80% of customers, or more, are successful in negotiating down their bill with this company. I did this and pay $5.99 a month!

Suddenlink: 80% or more
CenturyLink: 80% or more
Dish Network: 80% or more
Optimum Cable Vision: 70%-79%
Sprint Wireless: 70%-79%
ADT Security: 70%-79%
DirecTV: 70%-79%
AT&T: 60%-69%
Cox Communications: 60%-69%
Verizon Wireless: 60%-69%
Frontier: 50%-59%
Charter Spectrum: 50%-59%
RCN: 50%-59%

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How Much Can You Save?

So, how much money do you stand to save by asking a service provider for a better rate?

For 16 of the 17 companies included in LendEDU’s analysis, customers received 10% to 29% in savings, on average.

How To Negotiate Your Bills…

Negotiating is technically as simple as picking up the phone and asking for a lower rate. It’s always best to use the cancellation threat as leverage or that you’ve received a better offer from a competitor.

I’ve use this before and it doesn’t always work… Back when I had cable (I have since cut the cord and only use an Antenna and Streaming) I would threaten to leave. Sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t. When it didn’t I would usually switch to DirecTV and use a deal… and would go back and forth between them and Comcast.

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In Closing…

Now while their list is just 14, I wanted to add Xfinity onto this list as I was able to negotiate my Internet cost down.

And my success with SiriusXM completely stems on my willingness to actually cancel the service.

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