I’m 88 Years Young!

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I’m 88 years young and noticed that my skin had been drying out really bad. I couldn’t find anything to help resolve the problem. Tried all types of moisturizers, petroleum jelly and even mixed them together but nothing worked; that is until I was asked to test the Renewal Stick from THIRD AGE SKINCARE. After just a few days using the renewal stick (used it after a moisturizer) and what a difference it has made to my skin; soft/smooth and NOT dry. Everyone is noticing how wonderful my skin looks.

Recently I ve been using the NR8 formula and notice it spreads on easy and I don’t need to use a lot; afterwards I use the renewal stick. If anyone has wrinkles it absorbs directly into them.

Being 88 I still like to wear “limited” make up when going out on the town! I tried the Boost color stick on my face love that it doesn t cake up it goes on smooth and doesn’t feel waxy. The Shimmer stick gives you that shine where you want it.
– Emily H

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