Is Negative Energy Surrounding You?

Click to read about our staffEnergy is all around us. Not only do we create our own, outside influences can affect our whole well being.

Both positive and negative energy is contagious, but it always seems as though negative energy spreads more.

When there is negative energy in and around us, it can bring on both physical and mental struggles.

So how do we surround ourselves with the positive and rid our space of the negative?

Let’s explore!

Be Well,

Where Does Negative Energy Come From?

You are probably not surprised but it has many sources. The world around us (as with recent events) can assault us with negativity.

Almost always you’ll find negative energy surrounding you through a traumatic experience.

Heck even a trip to the store to try and find sanitizer, only to find out they’re sold out can unleash a wave of negative energy.

In short most energy (good and bad) is a result of strong emotions. These can directly impact our environment, particularly our homes and can be oh so hard to let go of. And our home, a place that is supposed to be a sanctuary, often takes on the negative energy we feel.

Some Signs You Might Be Surrounded By Negative Energy

Sadness and anger doesn’t always equate to negative energy, but if they stay with you too long this should be looked at.

Negative Energy Test

Here are some questions to answer. If you find yourself saying yes to many or all of them, it might be time declutter your overall energy!

– Are your words negative: horrible weather, stupid drivers, awful people, etc.?

– Do you complain more than not?

– Gratefulness… Do you struggle with being grateful?

– Do you see the negative in people before seeing the positive?

– When on social media, do you lean towards negative social media and news?

– Do you blame others before accepting responsibility?

– Do you feel like a victim most of the time?

Good News Is… You CAN Rid Yourself & Spaces From Negative Energy

You can start right now to rid your mind, body, and soul from negative energy and regain the positivity!

Here are six of our favorite ways to rid our homes, and ourselves, of negative energy.

1. Clean and declutter your house! Yes, this act of cleaning and decluttering creates a positive energy in your psyche.

2. Open your windows and let the fresh air in can make a huge difference. Bonus, at least for me, when there’s freshly cut grass I’m immediately put into a better mood!

3. Houseplants! Many houseplants actually cleanse the air around you. Get one or two, but make sure to get ones that are easy to care for. No need causing stress with difficult ones! If you don’t want to have this responsibility, try a bouquet of fresh flowers, this can also make a difference.

4. Along with decluttering and cleaning the act of rearranging your furniture, or reorganize your desk and make a difference in your home or office.

5. Breathe! Simply take a few moments (as little as 60 seconds) to sit, be quiet and deep breath. During this time visualize pleasant things you want to do or have done.

6. Diet and exercise. I know we can’t seem to get away from this, but it can help. Making sure you’re eating enough fruits and veggies, drinking enough water helps. Along with getting out and exercising consistently? These simple practices can have a profound effect on your energy both physically AND mentally.

You don’t need to do all of these… just choose one to get started on. And do let me know how it is going!

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