Is NOW the right time to go gray? Here are some tips to help…

April 07, 2020

Click to read about our staffI’ve gotten a lot of emails lately asking about going gray and there may not be any better time than now.

I know I am long, long overdue for a visit to the Salon for a color and a cut. I tried to dye my own hair and it didn’t cover it well.

Maybe I’ll join the new trend of women embracing their gray hair. Will you?

I am still undecided but it is the perfect time to revisit these tips to Going Gray Gracefully…

This is a really good article to save for when you are ready to make the switch!

Be Well,

Transition Stage: Going Short…
Going to natural gray can be made a little less noticeable by getting your hair cut short. This will keep your hair from looking conspicuously contrasted between the colored locks and your gray roots.

It’s even better when you can do the chop and then do one last color job. Yep some highlights or lowlights that blend the roots to the rest of your newly shorn crop or pixie.

Talk to your hair dresser but make sure whatever your base color, keep the highlights and lowlights in the ashy, cool-toned family to create a natural blend of color.

Shampoo: Use The Right One…
I learned from my sister Jamie (who was a hair dresser) that using the proper shampoo on dyed or highlighted hair is essential to keep the brassiness down. The same is true and even more true with gray hair.

Gray and white hair can tend to look yellow or dull. This is due to pigment loss. However, with the right shampoo that is formulated just for gray and white hair, you will find a big difference in the look of your hair.

For most, a violet-tinted shampoo will work wonders when used just once or twice a week.

Hydrate Gray Hair…
I don’t know why by gray hair tends to be coarse and/or dry. The best way to make your gray hair look softer, shinier, and healthier is to regularly use hydrating and smoothing hair masks. Yes there are such things!

You can find these at most drug stores.

In Closing…
Just remember, like any change with hair, be prepared for it to take a little time.

It is a process and just to have patience.

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