It’s Moisturizing Season. Here’s 25 Reasons To Use Some!

Moisturizing is always important, but as we approach and get into the winter months it becomes essential!

Don’t you just love how your skin feels after applying a moisturizer or skin conditioner?

You know you should be routinely doing this, but can you list all the reasons why?

Besides the few obvious ones, we decided to just brainstorm and list all the reasons we could come up with.

Below is our list. We had fun with this and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Be Well,

Let’s Start With The Obvious…

  • You just washed your face.
  • You just shaved your legs
  • You just exfoliated your skin.
  • You’re using so much sanitizer that it is drying out your hands.
  • You’re about to apply sunscreen and want to protect your skin, applying a moisturizer first helps so much!
  • You’re ready to apply your makeup.
  • You have a job interview or starting a new job and want to look professional and radiant.

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More Ways You Probably Haven’t Thought Of…

  • Road trip! Keep your your skin hydrated in the air-conditioned or heated car.(Post Pandemic) You’re attending a party, reunion, family gathering or another event with people you haven’t seen in awhile, so you want your skin to look the best.
  • You are hitting the slopes to ski and/or sled
  • You’re going for a walk around your neighborhood.
  • You’re going swimming.
  • You’re playing tennis, golfing or participating in another outdoor sport.
  • You’re going outside in a city where your skin will be exposed to pollution, free radicals and the elements—and want to protect your skin.
  • Heck it is a normal day and you just want to feel good!
  • You’re walking or running a 5K or other race.
  • It’s the middle of summer, and the sun is drying out your skin.
  • You’re walking down a breezy beach.
  • Your skin feels a bit on the rough size.

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  • You’re working outside in your garden.
  • Your lips are chapped.
  • You’re getting on a dry, temperature-controlled airplane which not only dehydrates you but your skin.
  • You looked down and saw dry hands.
  • You’re enjoying an outdoor activity like, bike riding, hiking, attending an outdoor sporting event.
  • It’s dry-skin season. Enough said!

In Closing…

This was our thoughts. What about you? Got any to share? If so email me back!

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