Join me in being Flawsome!

Hello Friend,

I had coffee with some friends on Saturday it was a glorious morning and we sat outside soaking in the last bits of summer.

We talked and gabbed about a whole lot of things and one friend, Robin, said she’s Flawsome.

WOW… what a great expression. No doubt about it we are all flawed and we are all awesome (even if you don’t think you are, YOU are!).

Let’s dive deeper into why being Flawsome is good for us.

Be Well,

Accepting Our Flaws…

Don’t look at accepting flaws as a lack of ambition, look at it as compassion and self-love.

When we learn to accept our flaws, we’re not vulnerable to people’s judgements or opinions towards us.

Let’s embrace the fact that we’re a human, still learning and it is all a journey.

When we accept our flaws, we learn how to be happy with who we are.

Why Is It Important To Be Flawesome?

Embracing your flaws does many things like:

– It’s liberating and lightens us up.

– We become authentic, our own self.

– It makes us healthier.

– We become less prone to be judgemental and start opening up to the imperfections of others.

– And the most important reason is, self-criticism is avoided.

Flaws Make Us Unique…

Our flaws are a part of us, they make us unique and beautiful. We’re all humans, made entirely of flaws and we’re all compiled together with good intentions and a better heart.

There is a natural beauty in flaws, and the simple truth is that no one is perfect. So, constantly striving for perfection can be counter-productive. It is unattainable. There will always be someone faster, smarter, more beautiful and funnier than us.

Be Flawsome For A More Satisfied Life…

Once you’ve determined how to grow with your flaws, you will build a much more satisfied life.

So start embracing your Flawsomeness today!

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