My Gray Hair Story – Pictures Included!

Hello Friend,

January of 2022 is the last time I had my hair colored and highlighted.

My story is below along with my before gray and after gray pictures. (And I guess I need to update the picture in the column… that is from 2019!)

Be Well,

The Decision…

I had been thinking about doing this for more than a year, but wasn’t sure I was ready to embrace my gray hair. I knew I had quite a bit as I started to gray in my 20’s.

After the increase of cost to color, highlight and cut my hair became $130 (without tip) I decided this was a cost that was happening every 5 to 6 weeks I needed to eliminate.

The Process…

Prior to going gray I had changed my hairstyle to a shorter style. I will say this makes going gray easier and a bit more seemless.

I also for the past few years have been getting highlights and lightening my hair to have the gray blend in a bit more too.

The shorter hair coupled with the highlights made the transition go smooth and not so jarring of a change.

While I have pictures below of before and after you can also watch my YouTube videos to see the change, by visiting here.

The latest video that I did, at this writing, is the Solar Wall Light. Scroll back to see the transformation. You can even go back years ago when I had long hair!

The Change…

I’ve noticed my hair is thicker/coarser which is a good thing for us as we get older.

I have more dark hair than I thought and am looking forward to when I am more gray!

It is important to add a purple shampoo and conditioner to your routine and use this two to times a week. Most important when swimming or out in the sun a lot.

Here are the pictures. I took screenshots from videos…

In Closing…

I am loving the ease of taking care of my new hair style and NOT spending all the money. I am able to go to Great Clips and get the senior discount and spend just $15 for a haircut (before tip).

The other thing I love is I am in and out of the salon in 20 minutes instead of 3 hours!

I also like how I look. Most people seem to like it, except my nephew who says I look like an old lady now. Of course I told him… I can still beat you in racquet ball or basketball!

So what do you think? Do you like it or not?

And also if you have gone gray share with me your story.

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