Over 50? Here Are 5 Beauty Rules To Live By

One thing beauty experts are saying, 2023 is the year of “no makeup”! It is the year of the natural, healthy glowy skin look.

Well this is something I’ve been preaching for year. So much so we developed a few products to help you achieve this.

Here are the top five must-try tips for upping your confidence and revamping your look.

Be Well,

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize…

Moisturize to liven up the skin and make your base smooth for better makeup application. It’s easier to cover up imperfections on hydrated skin!

Tip: Don’t. Forget. Your neck.

More SPF, Please…

Make 2023 the year you use SPF every day (no matter how sunny or cloudy it is!).

Wearing sunscreen can slow down signs of aging and prevent loss of skin elasticity. Healthy skin makes for a more confident you.

Tip: Many of the sunscreens on the market are not good for you. Make sure you do the research and get one that has quality, non-harmful ingredients.

Pass on Powder…

As we age, our skin becomes more dry and powder products can draw extra attention to wrinkles. We say skip the foundation but if you feel you need it, opt for a liquid formula.

Blushing Beauty…

Adding a little blush to your cheeks gives that complexion a youthful pop of color. Just remember, less is more! Try the Boost Color Stick so you can blend out seamlessly.

Brighten Up…

Highlighting your favorite features is an absolute must. Adding a little shimmer to the high points of your face (like the cheekbones) will brighten up your skin and lift the face for an effortless finish. You could try our Shimmer Stick for fast, easy and gorgeous results.

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