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April 28, 2020

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I’m certainly a frugal person and sometimes it is all in the wrong places. I recently read an article on 8 things we should all change right away.

This list comprises of a bunch of things I know I never really thought of. However, waiting too long on them can cost money or even endanger our health.

At home, it’s easy to overlook stuff that needs to be replaced. If you can stay on top of these tasks you’ll find yourself in better shape all the way around!

Be Well,

1. Your Toothbrush…

I’ve always done this two times a year, however the American Dental Association advises to replace them, three to 4 times a year or more frequently if the bristles look frayed or worn.

2. Your Pillow…

Pillows are essential to a good nights sleep. A worn-out pillow no longer gives support to your head and back and can affect your sleep.

Many doctors say you should replace pillows every two years, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Meanwhile, keep pillows clean… or replace it with a Bamboo Pillow!

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3. Heating and Air Conditioning Filters…

Boy am I guilty of not changing these near enough. They are so important in protecting us from allergens such as smog, smoke, dust, animal dander and pollen.

When your HVAC filters don’t function properly, your health could suffer.

Check your owner’s manual will tell you when to buy a replacement.

4. Worn-Out Tires…

This is one item that can be the most detrimental. Your odds of being in an accident with bald tires on a wet day increase tremendously. Plus it actually can effect, in a negative way, your gas mileage.

5. Worn-Out Athletic Shoes…

I learned this one the hard way. I developed Plantar Fasciitis and a visit to the Podiatrist educated me on shoes.

As they wear down, the cushioning and support they provide diminishes, which could put you at higher risk of injury when you run or walk for exercise.

Shoes should be replaced is when the outer sole has worn through to the midsole. The midsole is the shock absorber of your shoe and in some shoes serves to control excessive foot motion.

After certain amount of repetitive load is placed on the midsole it will compress, not rebound and absorb shock or control the foot as well as it did when new.

In general, though, how often you should replace your sneakers depends on on how often you use them, how old they are and what signs of wear they have.

6. Kitchen Sponges…

Kitchen sponges are breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria! A 2017 study in Scientific Reports suggested replacing sponges weekly.

Now that is a little excessive in my opinion so here are some things you can do.

– Clean your sponges in the washing machine on the hottest setting. Use detergent and bleach

– Clean your sponges in the Dishwasher.

And don’t bother cleaning them in the microwave. The study found that this can make the worst kinds of bacteria proliferate.

Better than using the old traditional sponges is to use one made out of Silicone. Here is a great alternative that I use everyday and LOVE!

Upgrade to these Odor Resistant, Mildew Free Silicone Sponges… This 3-pack might be the last set of sponges you ever need to buy!

7. Toilet Brushes…

This is gross and honestly how often do you change yours? There are times when you should do it even if the brush is brand new! For example, a toilet brush used after someone in your household has had a gastrointestinal illness should be tossed it out immediately and replaced, according to biology professor Elizabeth Scott, co-director of Simmons University’s Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community.

Suggestion: Buy a spare brush or two so you can switch them out quickly.

8. Water Filters…

Water is the most important thing our body needs. If the water isn’t clean we open ourselves up to all sorts of illnesses.

Water filters in refrigerators, faucets and home filtration systems should be replaced regularly. Check the product manuals to learn when and how to change them.

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