Save Money at the Gas Pump With These Tips

We are all are being hurt by the sky rocketing gas prices. Even if you don’t drive far it impacts prices everywhere else.

For instance our PulseTV and ThirdAgeSkinCare sites are seeing fuel surcharges of 20% or more. Now we are not passing these on to you. It’s our way of helping out, so please take a look at both or either of these sites and stock up on anything you may need.

If you do drive and find yourself almost crying when filling up, take note of these tips to help ease the pain!

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Get More Bang For Your Buck…

CC Liquidation

There are many apps available that will find you the cheapest gas around you and some even offer discounts if you pay through their app. Gas Guru, Gas Buddy, Upside are just a few.

Also some credit cards offer additional savings if you use their card. My Sams Club Credit Card gives me 5% back on every gas station charge!

Avoid Pricier Days…

You may have heard prices at the pump surge on Fridays, as folks hit the road on the weekend. That used to be true, but trends are shifting, says GasBuddy spokesperson Nicole Petersen. “Our annual study for 2022 shows that the cheapest day of the week is still Monday, but the most expensive days are now Wednesday and Thursday,” she reveals, surmising that over the pandemic, our habits have changed, with more of us making mid-week plans to travel or take short trips. “This is the first year we’ve seen such a shift, but it remains true that the best time to fill up is early in the week.”

Stack Savings…

“Fuel rewards programs – at participating stations like Shell, Exxon, and BP are your secret weapon,” says Petersen. And she does mean secret! “Our survey found that 46 percent of people don’t belong to a loyalty program, it’s an underutilized tool because it saves drivers $50 to $100 per year,” Petersen notes.

“Sign up for a loyalty program at, say, Kroger or Stop & Shop, and for each dollar you spend on groceries, you’ll earn one fuel point at participating stations,” adds Woroch. “For every 100 points you rack up, you’ll earn ten cents per gallon.” Don’t stop there: Download a cash-back app, like Fetch Rewards. “They increased fuel rewards from five to 20 points per receipt – 1,000 points earns you a gift card,” Woroch says.

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Drive Smart and ‘Bundle’ Trips…

Taking several short trips consumes almost twice as much gas as “bundling” several errands in one outing. That’s because the engine burns through more gas from a cold start and is more fuel efficient when the car is already warm, says AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross. And before you head out, lighten your load: “At highway speeds, 50 percent of engine power goes to decreasing aerodynamic drag, so removing gear from your trunk will boost fuel efficiency,” Gross adds. Indeed, ditching “dead weight” can save you three cents per gallon – and every bit counts!

Be Highway Savvy…

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Go easy on the pedal. “Speeding lowers fuel economy by 15 to 30 percent,” says Petersen. Indeed, for every five mph we drive above 50 mph, we waste 22 cents per gallon. Also smart: Turn on your A/C if you’re going over 50 mph. “At highway speeds, rolling down windows decreases fuel efficiency by 20 percent,” Petersen explains.

Skip ‘Tanker Time’…

If you pull into the station and spot a tanker truck supplying the gas terminals, come back another time, or go to the station across the street, advises Gross. “The truck stirs sediment in the underground tanks, reducing the quality of the gas and decreasing fuel efficiency.”

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In Closing…

Will our gas prices ever go back down? Who knows, but if you look at the rest of the world, our prices are still among if not the cheapest… yes even at $5.89 a gallon!

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