Save Money By Cutting These 7 Things From Your Budget

For me saving money has never been more important. This is for two reasons. First I’m getting older and thinking about retirement.

Plus the current state of the world has me concerned about the economy.

I’ve been going through expenses and things that I’ve spent money on in the past and seeing what I can cut out. Turns out there are so many things that I can cut.

Think of when you are dieting… just cutting a little bit of items routinely can have a great effect. It is the same with your budget.

Let’s look at some items you can cut and if you’re like me you won’t even notice them.

Be Well,

1. Gym membership…

Depending on where you live gyms may or may not be open. But this is something to look at. Is a membership with a monthly fee really the way to do it?

There are so many free workout programs available on YouTube or maybe a one time purchase of a Yoga or workout DVD is worth it.

If you want a some gym eqipment at home, check for-sale sites such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You will be surprised how many are available and at such a low cost.

One other thing to look at if you are a person who likes going to the gym is the Silver Sneakers program which allows for free access to gyms. Check with your insurance company to see if they have this and you qualify. Usually you need to be 65 or older.

2. Bottled Water…

My mom used to be furious with me when I would buy bottled water, her words still are in my head “Why would you pay such a high price for water? You can get this at home!”

She lived through the Great Depression and she knew how to stretch a dollar.

I remember when we were in Disney World in January (Oh the days of traveling, seems like years ago!). It was $4 for a bottle of water. The thing is they had water filling stations all over. So if you carry a good-quality, leak proof reusable water bottle with you whenever possible, you can usually find a place to refill it at no charge.

Here is something I use and I love them. The roll up and can be taken anywhere. I made a video about it and readers get this for just $1.99 when you visit here.

3. Landline Phones…

I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a cellphone, but I do know many who have both a cellphone AND a landline. Why? Rethink if you really need it.

4. Gift Wrap…

This tip comes from Mary in the office. She stopped buying gift wrap years ago and when I see the price of it I agree! Save all that money and get creative. There are many no-cost items to use, from newspaper to magazine pages and even old maps and wallpaper.

I can assure you that almost no one will miss the fancy wrapping paper.

5. Streaming Services…

I had YouTube TV which was cheaper than cable. They went and raised their price form $49.99 to $64.99. That was ridiculous so I stopped the service. Luckily I had a great antenna that we used to sell and I have 52 channels that I am loving!

One of the things I was missing was my DVR, but I looked online and found a system that was made for OTA (over the air) and I set it up to tape my favorite shows. I am loving it but most of all I am loving the $780 a year I’m saving.

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6. New Books…

In the summer I find myself reading more as I love to sit outside and soak up the sun. I try never to buy a new book.

Check with you local library on when their book sale is and stock up. Generally I pay about 25 cents for books. I’m never without some fresh material to read!

7. Brand-Name Products…

One of the greatest marketing tricks ever is convincing shoppers to buy a product simply because of the brand name. This is obvious at warehouse stores like Costco, where the company’s Kirkland paper products are stacked next to more-colorfully wrapped famous brands.

The paper towels and bathroom tissue look the same, but the Kirkland prices are almost always cheaper. Ignore brand names where you can, and you’ll almost always save big.

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