Should You Shave Your Face If You’re a Woman?

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Word is some of hollywood’s most beautiful women, including Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, shaved their faces. While I have no idea if this is true, today more ladies open about the benefits of shaving.

Every woman has facial hair. There are two types, vellus hair and terminal hair.

Vellus hair is the near-invisible peach fuzz that covers much of your face and body. It regulates temperature and evaporates sweat.

Terminal hair is darker and thicker. Some women have terminal hair along their upper and lower lips, sideburns, neck, and chin. This is totally me!

Facial shaving can be used to remove both vellus and terminal hair. But before you grab a razor and start, let’s look at the pros and cons.

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Examine Your Skin First…

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Start by examining your skin. If you have conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or acne, shaving may exacerbate irritation and discomfort. It may also lead to infection.

Sensitive skin, or skin that has red, irritated patches for any reason, may also not respond well to shaving.

Pros Of Face Shaving For Women…

Exfoliation Shaving your face removes hair, debris, excess oil, and dead skin cells, which can brighten the look of skin.

This helps makeup go on smoothly and last longer.

Self-Confidence Some people are self-conscious about facial hair. If you’ll feel more confident and better about your appearance by shaving, it probably makes sense for you to do so.

Cons Of Face Shaving For Women…

Five o’clock shadow If you’re shaving to remove terminal hair, you may need to shave more often in order to keep it in check.

If you have a lot of dark hair, you may see a shadow under the skin after shaving.

Ingrown hairs Shaving off vellus hairs will not cause ingrown hairs, but shaving terminal hair can cause these painful bumps to erupt.

Damage to skin Shaving carries the risk of nicks and cuts that may bleed and sting. Shaving can also cause razor burn.

Dryness and itching If you have dry skin, shaving may dry it out further and feel uncomfortable. It may also cause flaking and itching. Moisturizing immediately afterward should help you to avoid this “con.”

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Question Most Asked: Will Shaving My Face Cause The Hair To Grow Back Thicker?

Shaving blunts the edges of hair, making it feel stubbly and coarse. This may create the illusion that hair has become darker or thicker.

Shaving facial hair, however, doesn’t thicken it or change its color. It may make terminal hairs feel harder to the touch, until they grow out completely.

In Closing…

My Mediterranean roots have always caused me to be hairier than most women. I spend most of my “beauty” time on hair removal. It is a daily routine of plucking and pulling hairs out.

I don’t know that I am ready to start shaving myself. Because my hair is dark and coarse I fear I would be one to have a five o’clock shadow.

Are you going to try this? If so let me know how it goes for you.

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