Simple Tips For Looking Your Best

Today we are going to go over a few simple tips that we should follow as we approach or are well past the age of 50.

You’ll find that our whole Third Age Skin Care line was developed to maximize our vibrancy for those of us 50+. Some of our products go hand in hand with the tips listed below!

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Be Well,


Shaving, plucking, waxing, there are endless choices when it comes to dealing with the dreaded “wires on your chin”, but a pair of tweezers is something that you simply must have.

When we were younger, tweezing was necessary to keep our eyebrows well-shaped and tidy. Now we need tweezers to deal with the other hair sprouting on our chins, cheeks, mustaches…caused by decreased Oestrogen.

Although there are regular treatment options out there, it’s always a good idea to have a handy pair of tweezers just in case.

My Mediterranean roots mean I’ve always been a bit hairier than most women, but I can tell you as I’m 60 it is so much worse. So much so that part of my daily routine is plucking the hairs on my chin. If I had to say there is any benefit with getting older is that the hairs are now turning gray so they don’t show up as much if I miss one or two!

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Cleanse and Moisturize…

The reduction of Oestrogen can also mean skin that is thinner, dryer and less supple. Find the products that work best for you. You might need to try a few before finding the perfect one.

It starts with a good cleanser. Having a clean face will make you look fresher.

Follow it up with a quality moisturizer that isn’t filled with water. Water in your cream can have the opposite affect in keeping your skin hydrating. And who wants to pay those expensive prices on moisturizer when one of the main ingredients is water!

Don’t forget to look after your hands and feet with an intensive moisturizer.

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Makeup Rules of Thumb…

In general, less is more. Unless you are going to a place with very low lighting, stay clear of heavy makeup.

Only play up one feature, for most it is the eyes.

Avoid bold red lipstick, it might bleed into the lines above the lip.

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In Closing…

While makeup will help enhance your natural beauty, it’s never meant to cover up or alter the natural movement and expression of who you are.

There’s beauty and grace in every decade of our lives and there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who wears her age gracefully.

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