The 5 Major Benefits of Watermelon

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Let’s talk about Watermelons! They are a summer staple for most people but do you know just how good they are for you? This amazing fruit is naturally contains a variety of vitamins, low in natural sugar, fat free and sodium free!

Below will share the 5 major benefits that watermelon holds for you.


1. Exercise Recovery…

Do you hate getting sore after you work out? Watermelon can help with that thanks to the l-citrulline it contains naturally. What it actually does is promote better blood flow, which helps improve the supply of oxygen to your muscles while you exercise. It can even help with a quicker heart rate recovery too!

2. Hydration…

The main component of watermelon is, well, water. In fact it’s about 90 percent water so it’s a wonderful hydrator to replenish this important nutrient.

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3. Heart Healthy…

Not only is watermelon sodium-free, but it contains lycopene in the melon which is great for your cardiovascular system. Lycopene is known to decrease inflammation, has blood pressure lowering capabilities, and improves cholesterol level.

4. Vibrant Skin…

A cup provides 13 percent of your daily vitamin C requirements, which promotes collagen production and keep you looking younger, longer. The Lycopene, that is so good for your heart, will also contribute to healthy skin too and help protect it from sun damage.

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5. Weight Management…

Watermelon is a low calorie food. One cup of watermelon is just 45 calories and has only 9.5 grams of natural sugar. Add the 90 percent water and you’ll be on the right path to maintaining a healthier weight.

In Closing…

While Watermelon may have been something you ate occassionaly, with all these benefits it just might become your ultimate favorite!

I just added it to my grocery list. How about you?

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