Things You Can Throw Out, Trust Me You Won’t Miss Them!

Click to read about our staffFirst many thanks for all the emails. Many asked if this was my sister Jamie and yes it is.

I was surprised how many of you were subscribers of her newsletter “Anything Goes”.

Currently we are with her at her home in Arizona. I read her the emails from subscribers and she remembered so many of you. Thanks for making her smile and have fond memories.

Since I am away, I am rerunning a previous issue. It was a popular one so let’s look at stuff you can throw away right now and you won’t miss.

This is a great way to declutter too!

Be Well,


To Start…

When going through items I found it best to have piles. Donate, Toss Out and Keep. This is for you to determine, but here are my suggestions:


This might get some people upset especially the school teachers out there but ask yourself, when was the last time you opened it? If you’re like me you go straight to the computer, iPad or smartphone.

Wrinkled Wrapping Paper and Crushed Bows

Get rid of it! You won’t ever use it and you probably just keep adding to it.

Latex Paint

If it’s more than a year old ditch it. If you ever need to match your paint, there are some wonderful apps you just take a picture of your wall, take it to Home Depot and they can make you up a fresh batch that matches exactly!

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Cookbooks You’ve Cracked Open Once or Twice

With all the online recipes available think about the last time you opened a cookbook?

Incomplete Decks of Playing Cards

This was all me. Not sure why I had a few of these. I guess you could say I wasn’t playing with a full deck!

Manuals For Appliances and Electronics

They’re all available online.

Road Maps

There’s GPS on your phone.

Unidentifiable Keys

This, I admit was a hard one. I had about 20 keys in a drawer. I went back and forth on if I should throw them out or not. I did and I don’t miss them one bit!

Random Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

I had at least 8 that didn’t match any of the two vacuums I have. Why did I still have them? They’re gone now!

Orphan Mittens/Gloves

I have to admit I was guilty of this one. I had 6 orphan gloves, some have to be at least 10 years old! Why oh why? They aren’t going to magically appear.

Chopsticks and Soy Sauce Packets

Yes those packets just keep accumulating and never get used!

Old Remote Controls You Don’t Recognize

This was a head scratcher for me. In one of my mom’s drawers she have 4 remote controls. One was for DirecTV which we haven’t had in 7 years!

Scratched Nonstick Pans

This is IMPORTANT! This is actually hazardous for you to be using them if they are scratched. I’m talking about teflon style ones. Scratched teflon can cause all kinds of issues including cancer.

Want to know what is the safest type of pan to cook on? Ceramic! Even if it scratches you can still safely use them, although you food might stick on those areas.

Paper Towels Can’t Even Come Close To Our Streak-Free Cloths!

Prescription Eyeglasses That Are No Longer Your Prescription

Donate them!

Allen Wrenches From DIY Furniture

Ok I bet we are ALL guilty of this one. I must’ve thrown 25 or more out.

The Yellow Pages

Your phone and iPad are much faster to look up things. But do throw it in the recycling!

Old Tax Returns

Oh my what I unearthed. There really was no rhyme or reason to the tax returns my mom kept. There were some dating back to the 80’s!

I shredded these. Took some time but I do recommend you shred.

I’ve always heard 7 years and that is still a good rule of thumb, but you can see what the IRS recommends here.

In Closing…

This is just a partial list of things around my house. There was so much stuff that I could fill two more newsletters with!

Just start with one room and be brutal with the contents in it. Is it something you use regularly or need?

I feel so much better when I look around my house. It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Happy De-Cluttering!

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