Want To Be More Productive? Do These 4 Things Each Morning

Hello Friend,

It is the last day of January and if you’re like me you’re still trying to make some life changes.

Being more productive is one of them. We lead busy lives it is easy to fall behind if we don’t set our day up for success.

Here are four things we can do to lock in a productive day.

Be Well,

Create A Self-Care Ritual…

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Before you check your phone, open up your laptop or even get dressed, engage in a self-care ritual that’s meaningful to you.

Prioritizing as little as 10 minutes of “me-time” whether it relates to your spiritual, physical or mental well-being is important.

For me I’ve begun deep breathing in the morning. I do three rounds of 30 deep breaths. I find it helps in all sort of ways!

Andrea Gharritt, an executive success coach, notes that so much of our day is spent in to-dos and meeting other people’s needs, but “this small morning practice is an intentional way to anchor your energy for the day, focus on your needs first, and feel in charge of your day from the start.”

Eliminate Distractions…

Easier said than done! But most of us are aware of what distracts us.

It’s important to anticipate and eliminate morning distractions or interruptions so that you can focus on your morning ritual.

This could mean “turning off notifications on your devices for nonessential apps” or “communicating with your team and informing them of the best (and worst) time to bring questions or needs to your attention”

Setting and communicating boundaries is an underutilized key to success..

Engage In Habit Stacking…

Habit stacking – which refers to the act of adding a new habit to an established one.

It is a great technique when trying to implement new behaviors, says associate therapist Chris Tompkins. “By adding a new habit to one that’s already in place, it’s much easier to get new habits to stick.”

For example, if you want to build movement into your day, you might want to do some stretches while you wait for your coffee to brew. Your brain will make the association between the two activities, and you can build on this once the habit has become ingrained.

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Be Proactive With Planning (but be reasonable)…

Map out your day so that you’re aware of your goals and priorities from the jump.

Whether you do this the night before or even first thing in the morning, it’s important to know your objectives.

This activity can give you a sense of control over where your day is going and what you’ll be doing both personally and professionally.

To further help do a quick scan of your calendar of appointments and prioritize your top three tasks from the to-do list. This will create clarity and focus and will predetermine how to make the day as productive as possible.

All this is to say, it’s important not to get stressed or anxious about meeting your goals – instead, approach your day with self-compassion.

When you’re planning your day, focus on creating moderate, reasonable and realistic goals rather than extreme ones that aren’t sustainable.

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